Lawn Care

Our lawn care program ensures more green, less weeds.

Lawn care. We offer a 7-application program that will provide the necessary nutrition and proper weed control to give you a healthy lawn that you can be proud of! We do offer programs with less applications after your first season. Warm season turf program (Bermudagrass, Zoysia grass, Buffalo grass)


Warm season turf program
(Bermudagrass, Zoysia grass, Buffalo grass)
Cool season turf program
(Fescue/ Rye grass)
Lawn care additional services
We are expanding our services, please take a look and let us know if you would be interested in any of these additional services listed below:

Lawn Aeration

is great for keeping grass healthy, and helps with our lawn treatments.


shaded areas needs to be done every year in Oklahoma, let us fix your bare spots!

Flower Bed Maintenance

such as, weed control, bed fertilizer, and insect and disease control will keep your flower beds looking their best!

Mole and Gopher 

removal will help you rid your lawn of these burrowing rodents!

Deep Root Feeding 

will keep your trees free of insects and disease and will also include fertilizer.

Perimeter Pest Control

which also can include lawn pest control will keep pests out of your home this year and out of your lawn which is great for pet owners.

Mosquito treatments

will help to reduce the amount of mosquitos in your outside areas so you can enjoy your being outside


inspection, prevention and removal. Guard your biggest investment, your home.

Exterior Rodent Baiting

 to keep the mice at away with our rodent bait stations.

Holiday Lighting

Leave the hassle to us, we will make your home the envy of the neighborhood!

Please let us know if you would like any additional information on any of these add-on services.
Lawn Aeration
Grub Preventative and/or Control
Over seeding is best done in early fall, this gives the grass time to establish itself before winter, so usually around September 15th to October 15th or when the heat breaks.

Over Seeding

Over seeding is the process of sewing grass seed into a lawn that is thin or just plain dirt, this usually happens in Oklahoma in shaded areas where common bermudagrass is just not getting enough sun. Due to being in the transition zone most fescue grass will begin to die off around July and August and will need to be re seeded every year with fescue grass.
We will begin the process by aerating your lawn, this will poke thousands of little holes into the soil, this will basically be equivalent to tilling a garden before planting, making it much easier for the grass seed to establish itself.
Next, we will use a premium seed that will deliver excellent results for our climate. This seeding will be done at the maximum rate to yield the absolute best results. Then we will apply a starter fertilizer to ensure the seed has the nutritional requirements to thrive a get good root development.
What you will need to do… Water, water, water. Seed needs lots of water to germinate, water at least once a day but twice a day is preferred it does not need to be a lot just enough to keep the seed moist so it will begin to germinate. One the seed germinates back off the watering to about once every 3 days or so until the new grass becomes established.
Brittney HansenBrittney Hansen
21:49 30 Jun 23
Matt does an amazing job never leaves a mess or the gate open! Definitely does an amazing job! Would recommend him to anyone!
Mike MMike M
20:04 22 Jun 23
In just three trips my lawn is looking great!
Ronnie DauerRonnie Dauer
23:31 19 Jun 23
I appreciate the detail that my lawn technician (Matt) does when he takes care of my lawn. He’s personal and takes time to answer my questions and explain anything I need to know. Glad I switched!
Tanya DauerTanya Dauer
23:28 19 Jun 23
Matt does a great job on our lawns.
Tyler BondTyler Bond
20:31 03 May 23
These guys are Pros and really know what they’re doing. Top knotch equipment, efficient, and all around good people. Highly recommend them for your lawn needs.
Logan PardueLogan Pardue
01:32 12 Nov 22
Had my Christmas Lights installed by this company and they did an amazing job! Thanks
Seth whetstineSeth whetstine
16:42 11 Nov 22
These guys are the best! They are always professional and courteous! I love that I can pay my bill online and enroll in autopay if I choose! Probably the best part is the little contact they have with you. They show up, do their job, and move on! They always remember to shut my gate too! I would highly recommend them for any of your lawn care needs!
Lawn Aeration
Aeration helps to cut down on thatch buildup, alleviates soil compaction and root stress and provides a better growing environment for your turf. Aerating is one of the most important cultural practices and should be considered annually.
Grub Preventative and/or Control
Depending on the time of year we can recommend preventative or curative grub control.
Soil Testing
Soil cores are analyzed to define any corrective actions needed to adjust soil pH to an optimum level.